Monday, May 21, 2007

Trip to visit Tommy in Richmond before he leaves for the army (5/19/07-5/21/07)

This is me saying bye to Tommy on his birthday right before I left for the airport. It was a bitter sweet moment because tomorrow he leaves for military training and then Iraq.
Tommy and his friend John Kennedy, VMI class of 2006. John just finished his training and is now a First Lieutenant. He will be leaving for Iraq in September and Tommy will probably be in John's platoon once he is deployed next May. Right now, Tommy is a First Lieutenant, but in a year he will automatically be promoted.
Tommy and John in uniform before heading off to a wedding. I love my brave, handsome soldiers!

Here is Abigail hanging out on Aunt Jaymie's back porch. Abby begged me to not take a picture of her, but I couldn't resist. She is so photogenic.

Gabe and Auntie Jan seem to be enjoying themselves.
Anni is a proud mama!